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When the Business Journal announced the top 100 fastest growing companies in 2014, AARE came in at #6 overall. Then they did it again in 2015. Coming in at #6 again! The company has ranked in the top 100 each year since 2011. The even bigger news for the company is that for 2014 and 2015 they ranked ahead of every other real estate company. Local sales volume was up a whopping 173%. Throughout 2015-2019 the company continued to grow at a healthy pace. Starting in 2020 and beyond, the company is presenting opportunities for agents nationwide to participate in AARE's growth plans. Inquire for details.



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" The company’s core values are clear communication, honesty and trust. The AARE associates work to treat people so well that they’ll return when it’s time for them to find a new home. Long-term relationships are the key factor in the company’s success. "

Emmet Pierce, San Diego Business Journal


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The Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage is AARE 

According to the Business Journal’s report of the fastest growing private companies, only one Real Estate Brokerage is showcasing incredible growth. Coming in at #6 on the entire list, AARE, or Andrew Arroyo Real Estate is catching some serious attention in the industry.

When I first saw this, I thought “I have never heard of this company before…” which made me very curious. How could I be immersed in the real estate market for the past 7 years and not know about the fastest growing Brokerage? I had to learn more. So I contacted AARE after reviewing their website at and their PR contact was ready to send me 3 of their real estate professionals right away.

I was excited to meet these 3 agents and find out why this company has been so successful in such a competitive marketplace. Gary Giffin, Sharyn Seymour, and Nicole Mazzola came to my office here at the U-T and answered my questions until I had no more to ask. I was blown away. While there were numerous things I learned in our time together, these are the 3 main things I believe we can attribute to their incredible success.

1 – Culture. I listened to the agents tell stories about covering for each other on vacation, no one willing to accept any compensation, they just wanted to help one another. This is quite uncommon in a commission-based business. These professionals weren’t just thinking of themselves, but the Team as a whole. That type of behavior is only possible when great culture exists in an organization.

2 – Leadership. You should have heard the agents talk about their leader. They admired him, they were inspired by him and they were excited to share with me the company’s vision. They know who their leader is on a deeper level and they believe in the direction they are moving wholeheartedly. There is a clearly defined cause that everyone believes in and collectively work toward.

3 – Professionalism. Many times during our conversation, each agent remarked “who cares about what’s good for the agent, what’s good for the client…?” – There is a CLEAR focus on the client-first, service-first mentality. Based on our conversation, I would say this is their #1 priority. Very refreshing to see this in today’s profit-first, service-second world.

It should also be noted that AARE currently donates 12 percent of it’s profits to charity. They started at 1 percent and have increased it every year with a goal of 20 percent by 2020.

UT Article written by Derrick Evens, Union Tribune

Timelines & Milestones

  • 1999 - Founder, Andrew Arroyo, becomes a licensed Realtor and licensed appraiser in California.
  • 2001 - Arroyo obtains a broker's license and puts together the original business plan for AARE.
  • 2004 - Andrew Arroyo Real Estate Inc. (AARE) is registered as a corporation in California and the first team members are hired.
  • 2004 - First property over $10,000,000 sold by AARE. Realtor magazine gives Andrew Arroyo "30 under 30" award.
  • 2005 - AARE sells all of its investment properties to fund the vision and mission of AARE.
  • 2007 - AARE opens its first office in La Jolla, CA.
  • 2009 - AARE founder commits his life to Jesus Christ and pledges to give 10% of gross profits away to charity.
  • 2010 - 2015: AARE grows its team. Biblical principles are introduced into the company. AARE opens several more offices in San Diego County.
  • 2015 - 2020: AARE grows above 100 members. Annual sales rise over $250 million. Donations rise to 15%. AARE expands in CA to Riverside County, Orange County, the Greater Los Angeles Area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Commercial, business sales, syndication, and property management services added.
  • 2020 - Present Day: AARE grows beyond 200 members. Donations rise to 20%. AARE expands outside of California.

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