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Community Involvement

All of our agents and employees understand and are in agreement with AARE's goals and mission on a deep level. Team members all believe in the direction they're moving in because there is a clearly defined cause they're all moving toward.

Giving Back 20% of Profits

AARE is passionate about sharing its success and profitability by helping others. In addition to selling homes, we help fund local non-profits that support various social improvement projects.

Helping Others in Need

With a heart to serve, give and love others rather than to take; the team at AARE brings a fresh breath of air to the California real estate community.

Giving Back to the Community 

Charitable Giving at AARE

Working with AARE not only benefits you but benefits others in need. The successful sale or acquisition of one house can change the life of a homeless family or a small child in the streets of Columbia or Uganda through charities like Eye of a Needle Foundation. In a nutshell, this is our vision from start to finish. We always look for a significant return on our investments in both monetary and human terms. This is the evidence of a trustworthy business ready and able to assist real people with real challenges in making real decisions.

Eye of a Needle - One of the Non Profits That AARE Helps Fund

Natural Beauty is Helping Others.

"Revenues from the company support the good works of charities like Eye of a Needle, with 16 percent going to nonprofits and a goal of 20 percent by 2020. Arroyo is actively involved in guiding charitable organizations to not only fund worthwhile efforts, but he shepherds smaller organizations through structuring and obtaining a 501(c)3 nonprofit status. AARE’s support reaches a broad range of philanthropic efforts from Adopt a Block – San Diego Dream Center to Bridge of Hope and other organizations helping the homeless, families at risk and the elderly." Excerpt from the San Diego Business Journal Fastest Growing Companies 2015



Local Volunteering & Global Missions 

Giving and sharing are more than buzzwords at AARE. 20% of the company's profit on every transaction goes to charity. We believe that with success comes the responsibility to do what we can for those less fortunate.  Toward that end we fund non-profit organizations dedicated to helping those in need. Locally, we support numerous religious and secular charities that help children, our homeless, and our veterans. Readers are welcome to learn more about charities we support like Eye of a Needle by visiting, we welcome you to join our efforts.

Learn more about our Charitable Foundation.

Eye of a Needle Foudnation


Eye of a Needle Foundation

Eye of a Needle Foundation is a local non-profit charity based in California that mentors, advises and develops partnerships with secular and faith based programs worldwide in an effort to support various humanitarian and social improvement projects. These projects include: homeless services, shelter for orphans, prison ministry, outreach to communities of extreme poverty, rescuing street children, providing medicine where healthcare is scarce, and supporting missionaries.

Mission Finder

Founded in 1998, Mission Finder is one of the largest online directories of Christian Organizations in the world. Mission Finder’s mission is to list every Christian organization in the world on one website to network the Christian community. Mission Finder is owned and operated by Eye of a Needle Foundation, Inc. Through the use of technology, Mission Finder’s comprehensive website for Christian organizations is impacting thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide by helping them serve others.

Local Volunteering

In 2009, AARE made a commitment to California and the growing homeless population to donate at least 10% of all gross commissions that AARE earns to help improve the community. These donations have made a significant impact in a short period of time. AARE supports more than 25 local charities in California and many more nationwide.

Global Missions

On the Mission Finder website, each organization has a web page to document its efforts. This helps each organization carry out its mission by connecting them with local volunteers, global missionaries and financial donors. In turn, the site encourages individual users of the website to discover God’s will for their life by connecting them with the organizations listed on Mission Finder. 


"Mission Finder and Eye of a Needle have been such a blessing and encouragement to our ministry, Loving One by One. They have been a tremendous help through their personal touch and genuine caring about serving and ministering to the poor."

Sherry Roberts - Executive Director, Loving One by One Ministries


Get Involved Today by Joining Mission Finder.

Find God’s will for your life and make a difference. Join Mission Finder today and discover God's will for yourself, either In your own backyard or overseas. Reach out to Organizations and learn more about their mission opportunities. Join the world's largest Christian Organization database.


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