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Teamwork & Leadership

All of our agents and employees understand and are in agreement with AARE's goals and mission on a deep level. Team members all believe in the direction they're moving in because there is a clearly defined cause they're all moving toward.

Giving Back 20%

AARE is passionate about sharing its success and profitability by helping others. In addition to selling homes, we founded a local non-profit called Eye of the Needle which supports various social improvement projects.

Increasing Agent Income

Named as the fastest growing real estate brokerage by the Union Tribune and coming in at number 6 in the Business Journal's list of Top 100 fastest growing companies, AARE Agents are earning more than ever.

Agents Increasing Income 

Discover the Difference

AARE will invest time, finances, coaching, and education to help you reach the success you desire. As a member of the AARE family, you'll receive additional education both including and beyond real estate sales techniques. Our goal is to help you attain financial success while living a balanced, purpose driven life. Toward that end, we offer education in lifestyle improvement, money management, and savings techniques, as well as charity opportunities.

How AARE Supports Agents

Our specialty is working with all star agents.

Our goal has always been to identify the select Realtors that shine above the rest based on their morals, ethics and past experience serving homeowners. We only hire experienced agents with a proven track record seeking an environment to flourish and master their craft. A business plan is developed for each individual Realtor to achieve a set of pre-determined goals. We invest heavily in our Realtors financially, emotionally and spiritually.



Commission Splits & Career Programs 

AARE offers five primary programs to its agents with different benefits. As you will see below, each program is hand tailored to the qualifications and experience of each agent at different stages of their career to help them grow. The commission split for each program can be reviewed in person with an executive at AARE.

AARE provides opportunities for all levels of experience including brand new agents, part time agents and experienced agents.

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Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is designed for agents who are at the early stage of their career or agents who are in a sales slump. Agents will learn how to to take their business to the next level and break through their sales volume ceiling. The mentorship program offers agents a rare opportunity to shadow a top performing agent and be mentored for a period of 12-24 months to help the agent prepare for success. The mentor provides training to help agents convert more buyers and sellers to actual sales and is available to answer questions on a regular basis. This program works well for agents who know the basic fundamentals of real estate but still need guidance how to go further in their career and need direction to help build their business.

Masters Program

The masters program at AARE is designed for agents who are at the prime or later stage of their career and very focused on servicing their existing client base and growing their bottom line with referrals. Agents in this program do less prospecting for new business and instead grow their business organically through their reputation and prospecting for referrals from their existing client database. This program works well for top agents with an established book of business who want to learn how to maximize their client base. These agents may switch to the mentorship program at any time to put ignite their business.

Part Time Agents & Referrals Only

These two programs are designed for agents who wish to affiliate with an agency to do their real estate transactions on a part time basis or by referral only basis. Part time agents may not conduct sales without referring or partnering up with an experienced full time AARE agent who is meeting our minimum sales requirements. This ensures our clients are working with a full time agent who is aware of the current real estate laws and contracts. Part time agents or referral agents may have another career, or may be somewhat removed or retired from the business but still desire to do referrals and earn an income on a part time basis. These agents are not focused on prospecting for new business and solely partner up or refer their existing client database to other AARE agents. 

Build or Grow Your Team

The team builder program is designed for top agents who want to build or grow an existing team. AARE will teach you to develop and grow a successful team using the same methods that grew AARE into the successful brokerage it is today. Each team leader is provided with guidance and strategies directly from the founder of AARE to help ensure the team is a success. 


"I was a top-producing agent for over ten years, but when I met with AARE I knew I wanted to join. There was no need to think it over. The company's vision, business model and giving heart was the path I wanted to follow. AARE is unlike any other brokerage. We’re changing the way people think about Realtors." Read More...

Sharyn Seymour

Teamwork & Leadership 


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