Why you care if your agent has a good reputation.

Posted by on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 12:02pm.

You may not give much thought to how other agents in your marketplace view the agent you hire, but it does make a difference - in fact, it makes a big difference.

If your agent has a reputation for being difficult to deal with, or if his or her listings are consistently overpriced, other agents will pass them by, no matter how enticing the ads are. They may come back later to view your home, but only after all other possibilities are exhausted.

One reason why I sell more homes is that other agents trust me. They know that when I prepare a market analysis for my sellers, it will be accurate and current. They know that I won't take an overpriced listing, just to have in my files.

They also know that the information in MLS will be truthful. Thus, they trust that they can show my listings without wasting their time or looking foolish to their buyers.

That's an important first step, but there's one more. They also know that I'll cooperate with showings, return phone calls promptly, assist with arranging inspections, and generally do my share of the work once our buyers and sellers have reached an agreement.

You might be shocked if you knew how many agents make it difficult for other agents to show and sell their listings. You'd also be shocked if you knew how many are content to let "the other side" handle all the details that must be handled in the time between the agreement and the closing.

My primary goal is to sell your house. I don't care who brings the buyer, as long as that buyer has the means to make the purchase. That's why I do all I can to cooperate and make it easy for other agents, even when those agents aren't easy to deal with. (I try not to show their listings, but I'll certainly assist when they want to sell mine!)

No one agent can reach all the buyers in our marketplace. That's why I put effort into marketing to other agents, and to maintaining the reputation I've gained in our industry.

Give me a call. Let's sit down and discuss getting your home SOLD so you can get on with those plans you put on hold when it didn't sell the last time.

Looking forward to your call.

P.S. Once we locate an interested buyer, it becomes time to negotiate. Watch for my next message, with tips on protecting your negotiating position.

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