Why aren't agents bringing me buyers?

Posted by on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 11:09am.

You're marketing your home as a FSBO and you've taken your fliers to every agent in town. You've let them know that you'll pay the "selling side" of their standard commission rate.

So why aren't those agents calling to set up showings?

The answer probably lies in one or more of these situations:

  1. Because your home isn't in the Multiple Listing Service, agents won't see it when they do a search and so may be forgetting about it. Agents' desks are covered with paperwork and your flyer has probably rotated to the bottom of a pile.
  2. Because it isn't in the MLS they have no way to know if it's already been sold, is under contract, or if the price has changed. So even if they do remember it, many won't want to take the time to call and wait for your return call to find out if the house is still available.
    Follow up with top agents regularly, so they remember and know the house is still available.  
  3. Because your home isn't listed, it doesn't have a lock box and agents will either have to set up their showing schedule around times that you'll be home or will have to take extra time arranging to get and return a key. Also, unless you're there to answer your phone at all times, they'll have a delay in setting appointments. When an agent has buyers who want to look at homes "today," that could prevent your home from being shown.
  4. Agents may be reluctant to deal with unlisted homes because too many homeowners can't readily supply them with the necessary documentation, such as the legal description, disclosures, etc.

    This means they'll end up using their time to do extra work, but being paid only for the selling side of the transaction.

If you want your home marketed to and seen by every agent in the San Diego Multiple Listing Service, as well as on multiple Internet sites, give me a call. I specialize in selling homes in your neighborhood.

P.S.  Selling your home yourself calls for some extra safety precautions. In my next message, I'll give you some safety tips.

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