Thinking ahead to moving day…

Posted by on Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at 7:24pm.

Have you thought about moving day?

When the time comes to carry that last load to the truck, the car, or the moving van, you’ll be excited, happy, and possibly just a bit tired and frazzled. In that state, it’s easy to overlook a few details.

One of those details is the fact that you’re going to need or want a few specific items just as soon as you reach your destination. Most of them can go into one box, so why not pack that box right now? 

Start by purchasing and packing duplicates of the toiletries you use every day. Remember to include a bar of soap for the kitchen and each bathroom, shampoo, toothpaste and new toothbrushes. Add in a towel and wash cloth for each of you.

Travel can make you feel a bit grubby and disheveled, so being able to shower and change when you arrive will feel wonderful.

Pack a roll or two of paper towels, and toilet tissue for each of your new bathrooms. It also wouldn’t hurt to pack a few light bulbs – you just never know what people will take when they move out!

Now add a saucepan, a big spoon for stirring and serving, and a few cans of soup or other canned lunch that everyone likes. If you don’t want to pre-pack any of your flatware, plates and bowls, buy a package of heavy-duty plastic flatware, plus plastic or paper bowls and plates. Tuck in your favorite crackers, along with packages of nuts, raisins, granola, or other favorite snacks. Add a few canned beverages and you’ll be ready to renew your energy before tackling the job of unpacking in your new home.

Selling your home and moving on to a new adventure is both exciting and stressful. Pre-planning will help you focus on the excitement instead of the stress.

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