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Marketing your home, finding the buyer, and negotiating a satisfying price and terms are the preliminary tasks before getting down to the real work of putting a SOLD sign in your front yard.

Unless we've located a rare cash buyer who wants to close without inspections or an appraisal, the next steps will determine the outcome. Unfortunately, this is where inexperienced or unprofessional real estate agents drop the ball. They wrongly assume that the buyer's agent, lender, and title company will attend to the details.

One of the first hurdles comes with the inspection. As your agent, I will have advised you to set a limit on repairs in the purchase and sale agreement. But sometimes inspectors find something unexpected and buyers want it fixed, even

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What to Consider Before Buying
an Investment Property in San Diego

The housing market in San Diego is rebounding and interest rates are still low, meaning an investment property might make a lot of sense for you. Before you move forward with purchasing an investment property, take note of these considerations.

real estate investments san diego  4 Units Sold in Pacific Beach

Rental Property

If your property doesn’t generate rental income, you are counting on it increasing in value at a rate higher than inflation. Look at the market that you’re considering and if historically that holds true for homes in the area.

Time Shares

Time shares aren’t generally thought of as an investment, since re-sale can be difficult and — at times — at a lower price.

Real Estate

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Per Property Radar: California home sales up 9% California single-family home and condominium sales were up 9% in April mostly due to the 9.2% gain in non-distressed property sales that accounted for 83% of total sale, according to the latest housing report from PropertyRadar. On a yearly basis, sales volumes were up 5.8% from 34,995 in April 2014 to 37,009 in April 2015. Additionally, year-over-year sales were up 3.6% across the nine Bay Area counties and 11% in Southern California. Sales fell 3.4% in Central California. “For the second consecutive month, California property sales were higher than a year earlier,” said Madeline Schnapp, director of economic research for PropertyRadar. “Year-over-year growth in sales ground to a halt in September 2013.

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Real estate and automobiles are two items that Americans like to bargain over, even while we pay the asking price for almost everything else. Some people feel that if they don't get some kind of price reduction or concession from the seller, they've been cheated.

With that in mind, your listing price should include a small margin for negotiation. But it must be small. If you list high and expect to negotiate a drastically lower price, you'll miss the buyers in your correct price range and the buyers in the incorrect price range won't be interested enough to bargain.

That said, the first step in successful negotiations is to price the house correctly in the beginning. This, combined with the knowledge that I'll let you know if market conditions

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When an investment such as your multi-family property is offered to the market but doesn’t sell, it’s time to figure out what went wrong and change it. Because there are buyers looking for investments.

Usually, the reason falls into one or more of 4 categories: Price, presentation of the financial documents, marketing, and negotiations.

We’ve talked about all 4, but just to recap: 

The Price must be determined based on income potential versus expenses. The buyer isn’t going to live there, so extra amenities only count if they mean higher rents.

The presentation is all about presenting the financials, not about creating a desire to live in the property.

The marketing is different from single family home marketing. When we market multi-family

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People who don’t work in real estate are always amazed to learn that finding the buyer isn’t the biggest challenge in real estate. The biggest challenge is in getting the transaction from the offer stage all the way to closing.

This is true with single family homes, and true with multi-family and other commercial property.

Inspections can cause problems, as can appraisals. And with investment properties, the financial information can play a huge role in both issues. Unless your agent knows how to negotiate with buyers over those issues, your promising sale can wither and die.

Inspections: When the inspector finds a problem, you need to know first if it impacts the safety or longevity of the building. Then, because return on investment is the

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Since there are buyers looking for investment properties, there’s a reason why yours expired off the market unsold. It might have been because it wasn’t marketed properly, but it also might have been due to an incorrect price.

Determining the proper price for an investment property is a little different from determining the price for a single family residence. Instead of square footage, bedrooms and baths, property size, and amenities, the price has to be tied to income potential.

So unless your previous agent was experienced in figuring cap rates based on income, expenses, and vacancy rates, and unless he or she knew how to evaluate the competition, the price might have prevented serious investors from considering the property.

Without looking

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Do You Wonder Why Your Multi-family Property Didn’t Sell?

Are you wondering why your multi-family property expired off the market unsold? It might have been the price, but it might have been because it wasn’t properly presented to the investors who are seeking income properties.

The successful sale of any real estate depends on four things:

  • Price
  • Presentation
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation

But when dealing with income properties, the word “presentation” takes on a completely different meaning than when selling a single family home. And therein might lie the problem.

Presentation of a single family home involves clean-up, fix-up, de-cluttering and other activities that allow prospective buyers to see themselves living there.

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Agents who specialize in multifamily housing are required to know several things that residential agents don't need to know.

This specialized knowledge begins with pricing. Investors purchase multifamily housing to get a return on their investment. Thus, we have to know how to price a property to get the best return for the seller while showing the buyer that their investment will yield a return.

That means gathering the numbers, then calculating the income versus the expense, including debt service. Then, because potential investors are business people primarily interested in return on investment, we must present those numbers in the same manner that an accountant would present them. Unfortunately, many residential agents simply don't know how to

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The housing crisis has put thousands of former homeowners out of their homes and into the rental market – causing rents to rise. So you're probably collecting more from your multifamily property than you were just a few years ago.

If that's the case, why would you sell?

If you're in it for the long haul and intend to keep your rental properties for another ten or twenty years, then you probably don't want to sell.

But if you…

  • Are getting tired of dealing with tenants
  • Need to borrow money to invest in repairs
  • Have high payments because of an old loan with a high interest rate
  • Want to get out of the rental business and into retirement in just a couple of years

…then now is the prime time to sell.

Right now investors are

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