Now that your home's listing agreement has expired

Posted by on Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 4:05pm.

Now that your home's listing agreement has expired you're probably feeling dismayed, maybe a little frightened ... And who could blame you?

Believe me, I understand. But take heart. It's a new day and a new beginning ...

A lot can be done to get your home sale back on track to closing. And because it's never fun to sit and wait when you're ready to move on, I'm here to say ... "Let's get your home sale moving!"

But first, take a moment and think back to the day you were the homebuyer. Remember the excitement you felt when you first saw your house? That same thrill can happen today for others. And marketing your home to them is not rocket science, so I won't insult you by making it sound more complicated than it is. Just know there ARE buyers out there who will find your home the perfect fit.

But how do those buyers find you?

As your REALTOR®, I take new photographs and write a description designed to attract their attention and develop their interest at first sight. And because ready buyers will see these compelling photos and description through a variety of marketing media—including my Web site—the right buyers will call.

Plus, because of my broad network of other real estate agents, you'll multiply a hundredfold your home's exposure to buyers who are ready to act. Agents in my network LIKE to show the homes I list because they know me to be hardworking and a pleasure to work with

So you can forget those so-called buyers—the tire kickers and lowballers—brought to you in the past. The agents in my network become YOUR network. And they'll bring only qualified buyers who are looking for a neighborhood, architectural style and floor plan similar to yours. These agents won't waste their clients' time by showing them homes unsuited to their needs.

What a savings in time and trouble this one simple change means for you! Be sure to check your mail tomorrow, because I'll be writing to advise you on the #1 mistake home sellers make when selling their home. However, if you need to speak with me immediately, call me direct at 858-342-9292 x.103.

Let's get your home sale moving.

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