No time to fold the laundry AND run the vacuum cleaner?

Posted by on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 10:20am.

When you have a busy life, keeping every household chore done all the time can be almost impossible. Even if you’ve been staying on top of things, an early showing request can leave you scrambling.

A friend of mine shared this story about getting a showing request one morning while she was at work – and how her 12 year old son coped with news that an agent and buyers would be arriving in just a few minutes.

First the laundry: He took the basket of laundry to his parents’ bedroom, peeled back the comforter, and spread the clean laundry evenly over the bed. Then replaced the comforter. A good thing that it was fluffy and lumpy.

Dirty dishes and no time to empty the dishwasher: He put the dirty ones in a dishpan and stashed it in the oven.

Pet hair on the couch: He dug out a colorful bedspread and used it for a couch cover.

“Stuff” all over the living room: He gathered papers, books, and toys and stuffed them all in the lidded laundry hamper.

All that gave him time to make a quick run-through with the vacuum cleaner – and the house looked good when buyers arrived.

Of course, he did have a bit of work to do to put things back in their correct order later that day.

If you need to get to work on time and don’t have someone at home to get the   house in shape for a showing, you might try one or more of these tricks on a morning when you’re running late.

Remember, the first impression counts - and you never know when a buyer might want to view your home on short notice.

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