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Posted by on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 11:04am.

Your home is ready; you have all the forms you need; your ad copy is written. Now you need some good photos that show off both the exterior and interior to their best advantage.

Be sure to include shots of anything exceptional, such as a fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, cathedral ceilings, bay windows, a curved staircase, a built-in entertainment center, hot tub, pool, deck, etc. Bedroom shots are good if they show off a huge closet, unusual windows, or built-ins.

Take your exterior shots in early morning or late afternoon when you can get softer light. Take plenty of pictures and use only the best of them.

Your first marketing piece should be a good flyer to place in a brochure box next to your yard sign. Use a small photo of the exterior in one corner and a larger photo of an interior feature. The copy should create a desire to come inside and see this house before someone else snatches it up.

Now, you need the Internet. According to surveys taken by the National Association of Realtors, over 80% of all home buyers look first at the internet, so you need to be there.

One good spot is Craig's List. It allows you space for good descriptions and four photos. After that, search for other sites that allow FSBO listings. Some are free and some you will have to pay for. If you're talented with web page creation, you can also create a website just for your listing. Be sure to optimize it for the search engines so it will be found!

Be sure to send a link to your site to all your friends and relatives, and ask them to pass the word to anyone they know who may be house-hunting. You should also get on any social networking sites you belong to and post the link.

Get extra copies of your flyer and post them on any bulletin boards in your community; leave some with people such as your barber or hairdresser; and give them to people at work, including the personnel director. You need to spread the word wherever you can.

If you're willing to work with real estate agents who might bring you buyers, take a few copies of your flyer to each real estate agency that serves your area. Tell them that you're a FSBO seller but that you would pay the "buyer side" of a commission if they bring you an acceptable offer. Be sure to bring me one, because I'd be pleased to bring the buyer for your home.

Call if you need me.

P.S. You may need to contact those agents several times - in my next message I'll tell you why.  

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