Marketing - Making sure the buyers see your home.

Posted by on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 12:00pm.

Marketing: If no one sees your home, no one can purchase!

Inadequate marketing may well be the reason why your home didn't sell.

The days when an agent could simply put your basic information into a Multiple Listing Service, put a sign in the yard, and wait for a buyer are gone. So are the days when it was "good enough" to place a little ad in a homes magazine or the local newspaper.

Unfortunately, our industry is still filled with what I call "List it and forget it" agents. They simply list as many homes as possible, then hope that some other agent will come along and sell them. You may have accidentally listed with an agent who told a good story, but didn't follow it with action.

Those of us who are actually selling homes today are doing far more to reach out to buyers and to promote each of our listings - both to buyers and to other agents who have buyers.

For my listings, marketing begins with taking exceptional photos and writing descriptions that create both curiosity and anticipation of good things to come. These photos and words are placed in the MLS listing, on my personal web site, and also on a brochure for a home's flyer box. Yes, people do still drive through neighborhoods looking for homes, and what they see on the flyer must be designed to make them want to see more.

While it can't do the whole job, MLS is still important. That's where other agents, hoping to find the right home for their buyers in the shortest amount of time, will see your home and call for an appointment. Like buyers, agents need to be shown that this is a home they must see.

The Internet has changed marketing forever, because now over 80% of all buyers search first on line, before they ever contact an agent. That means that your home's presence on the web is vital, and a listing in the MLS site is not enough. When I present your home to the world, my ads carry a silent, yet powerful message: "See me now, before someone else takes me."

Use of the Internet also means having the ability to "capture" buyers and follow-up with those who are just beginning their home search or who have not yet found the perfect home. That means when your home hits the market, my list of buyers will hear about it immediately. One of them may be waiting for exactly what you offer.

This is just the beginning - the marketing plan I'll use to get your home sold is too extensive for this letter. I'd love to explain it to you, at your convenience, so give me a call.

Looking forward to your call.

P.S. You know that a good reputation counts in your life. It also counts in real estate marketing. Next time I'll tell you why my reputation in the real estate community helps me sell more of my listings.

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