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Posted by on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 at 3:24pm.

Have you considered buying a brand new home – perhaps one that isn’t even ready to occupy? We have subdivisions in and around San Diego with homes under construction right now.

This can be fun, because you can choose paint colors, carpets, counter-tops and light fixtures – and other little details that give a house your personal style. You can even look at the builder’s standard plumbing fixtures and appliances and decide to upgrade. Depending upon where the house is in the building process, you might be able to choose the kind of heating you want or the style of windows.

If you have time to wait, you can even choose your lot and your house style from the plans the developer offers. And, in today’s economy you might not pay any more for this brand new house than you will for a used house.

So what should you look out for when buying a newly built home?

First, check the builder’s reputation. Talk to other people who own his houses. It’s sad to say, but some builders make it a habit to cut corners in places you can’t see when the house is finished. So choose to search in developments with homes built by a contractor with a good reputation.

Then, if you visit a builder’s open house alone, make it a point to tell the representative who approaches you that you are working with a buyer’s agent. Instead of leaving your name with them, get their contact information for us to use if you decide to make an offer. Some builders invite you to their open houses and hope you’ll work with the representative on duty. Some have a licensed agent on hand, and some don’t. Either way – they represent the builder or developer.

Using one of them to write your offer is not in your best interest because the representative is loyal ONLY to them. The purchase contract needs to be written with terms and conditions that protect you and your interests. That where I come in as your agent and negotiate on your behalf. The builder pays the commission so it's important you recieve fair representation.

Next, don’t let the builder talk you out of getting an inspection just because the house is new.  It’s every bit as important with a new house as a used house. In fact, if you’re going into contract before the house is finished, hire your inspector to stop by during construction.

Helping to plan a new home can be a wonderful adventure – or a nightmare. It all depends on you and your personality. The good thing is, some builders have both “in progress” and finished homes available, so you can have “new” with or without the decision-making chores.

If you’d like a preview – I know several builders – and would love to share with you.

Call me at this number  858-342-9292 and we’ll discuss which fits you best.

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