Let the sun shine in!

Posted by on Saturday, November 15th, 2014 at 3:14pm.

The primary goal in getting your house ready for market is to evoke positive emotions in buyers from the minute they arrive - and to keep reinforcing those positive emotions as they tour your home.

One way of creating positive emotions within the house is through the use of light. That’s why we advise leaving lights on for evening showings, and why you should open all the drapes, curtains and blinds for daytime showings.

Sunshine streaming in creates a feeling of spaciousness and good cheer – while heavily draped, dark rooms can make a room feel small and uninviting to many would-be buyers.

So clean and polish those windows and let the light shine in!              

P.S. For those hard-to-reach exterior windows, try a product that attaches to your hose for cleaning from a distance. Windex Outdoor Window and Surface Cleaner is one to consider.

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