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Posted by on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 3:21pm.

Although we’ve discussed this in person, I’m writing to remind you of the importance of being out of the house when buyers are viewing. It’s also very important that you either take your pets with you or confine them in a cage or kennel when the house is being shown.

Why do you need to leave? Because buyers need to spend some time looking at a house before they’ll fall in love and choose to make an offer. Experience shows us that most buyers simply won’t do that if you’re there.

They feel uncomfortable turning on a faucet to check the water pressure or opening a door to see how deep the closets are. And they surely won’t discuss the pros and cons of choosing your home if they think you’re listening.

Additionally, buyers and their agents could engage you in conversation – and your answer to an innocent-sounding question could be detrimental to your negotiating position. Try not to talk with the buyers or their agent until after the house is sold and closed.

As for taking your pets with you – Most buyers fall into one of two categories. First are those who fear dogs or cats and/or are allergic to them. Second are those who like animals so much that they’ll spend all their time talking to your pets instead of looking at your house. And of course, your pets are safer if they’re confined. People do forget to shut doors.

All the pertinent information about your house is listed on the MLS profile sheet that you approved, so they should not need to ask questions. If they do have something specific to ask, the agent will let me know and we’ll get the answer to them right away.

Together, let’s make it easy for a buyer to choose your home.

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