It’s your job to let the house impress the buyer.

Posted by on Friday, November 14th, 2014 at 7:11pm.

You‘ve heard it before: You don’t sell a house the same way you live in a house. And that is true.

Unless you have a full-time maid or a family member dedicated to house cleaning, your usual lifestyle probably doesn’t include keeping your home in “show-ready” condition at all times.

But now that the house is on the market and buyers could show up on short notice, that’s exactly what it needs to be. You’ll need to train yourself and those who share your home to be “neatnicks” for the next little while.

What does that mean?

  • Making beds as soon as you arise.
  • Cleaning the kitchen immediately after every meal.
  • Hanging up clothes that don’t go in the hamper.
  • Folding and putting away the laundry as it comes from the dryer.
  • Vacuuming the floors daily.
  • Taking out the garbage & emptying the cat box every day.
  • Picking up toys when they’re not in use
  • Dealing with mail the day it comes in, and keeping bills, etc. out of sight
  • Stashing kitchen appliances, hair dryers, razors etc. after each use.

I know – not an easy task. But if you strive to keep these things done each day, you won’t have to panic when you learn that an agent and buyers are going to arrive in 15 minutes – especially if you happen to be at work and can’t do one thing to straighten up.

My marketing can bring buyers to your house. It’s your job to let the house impress them when they arrive. So let’s work together to put that  “Sold” Sign in your front yard.

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