Getting Ready to Sell? Why You Need to Stage Your Home!

Posted by Andrew Arroyo on Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 4:05pm.

Getting Ready to Sell – Staging

You’ve settled on the right listing price for today’s market. You’ve de-cluttered, fixed-up, painted-up, cleaned up and depersonalized. Now there’s just one more step to take before you’re ready to invite the first buyers.

That final step is one that many sellers skip in an effort to save money. But it can make a difference in how fast your home sells – and in the prices that buyers offer. That final step is staging.

An experienced stager can help you add the finishing touches that bring out your home’s most attractive features, while down-playing some that might not be so attractive.

Stagers know how to use color and furniture placement to make a home feel more inviting – and more spacious. For instance, they might place a large mirror on one side of a small living room – adding the visual feeling of more space. If a room is too large, they’ll break it up with furniture groupings.

If a room seems dark, they’ll lighten and brighten it with strategically placed flower arrangements, throw pillows, or rugs.

And, while they’re making the home attractive and inviting, they’ll work their magic to continue the “de-personalization” so that the greatest number of potential buyers will be able to see themselves living in the house.

For a few hundred dollars, a good stager can push your home to the top of the “most desirable” list in your neighborhood. So do consider it.

If you like, I’ll be happy to supply you with the names of stagers in our area – and they’ll be glad to show you before and after photos of previously staged homes, so you can see examples of their work.

Just give me a call or send an email. I’m glad to help.

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