Finding Your New Home – What Features are “Must Have’s?”

Posted by on Saturday, October 25th, 2014 at 12:05pm.

One of the most important things you can do to streamline your home search is to make two lists: One that lists the features you must have and one that lists the features it would be nice to have.

Please use the attached “buyer checklist” to get yourself thinking about what is or isn’t important in your new home. If there are features you really need or want that aren’t listed, write them in.

Using your “must have” list I can eliminate homes that clearly won’t fit your needs. For instance, if you need 4 bedrooms and a home has only 2, it will be eliminated from the list. If your life will be sour without room for a vegetable garden, we’ll eliminate condos and homes with postage-stamp yards.

After we’ve eliminated the choices that won’t work, we’ll have a list of possibilities that match your “must have” list - and can focus on finding homes that include the items on your “nice to have” list.

Then, once we begin viewing homes together, I can further refine the search by paying attention to your reactions to the details in each home. I might learn that you love an open floor plan – or that it’s important to shut the door on the kitchen when you sit down to dinner. I might learn that an over-sized walk-in closet would thrill you, or that what you’d really like would be his and hers closets.  I might learn that having a cathedral ceiling over the living room would make you feel like royalty – or make you worry about heating bills.

Paying attention, sorting through the listings, and saving you time in your home search is one of my functions as a buyer’s agent. Next time I write, I’ll tell you what else you can expect when you and I team up to make your home ownership dream come true.

And of course – if you’re ready to get started today, just call!

P.S. This checklist can also come in handy when evaluating the homes we see together. I’ll make extra copies, just for that purpose.

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