Do you need a loan when buying a new home?

Posted by on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 at 12:09pm.

As exciting as it is for you to be coming to San Diego to start your new job, the move does come with some hurdles to clear.

Along with arranging to move your worldly possessions, you’ll need a place to live. I’ve already offered to help you narrow the choices down to homes that will suit you and your lifestyle, and I hope you’ll take me up on that offer.

Having a “short list” of good homes to choose from is far less frustrating or time consuming than visiting dozens of homes that just won’t do.

But there’s a second part to the home search. Unless you have cash, you’ll need financing. And for some mortgage brokers, financing a home for a recently relocated employee is a problem. They can’t quite understand that when a company decides to relocate an employee, it generally indicates a step up. And it certainly means the company plans to keep them on board.

If you will need to finance your new home in San Diego, I’ll be happy to introduce you to a couple of reliable mortgage brokers who do understand that relocating does not make you a greater risk. These brokers are also willing to work with you long-distance, so that by the time you arrive in San Diego you can have a pre-approval letter in hand.

As you may have read, a pre-approval letter greatly increases your chances of getting an accepted offer. And of course, it speeds the closing process as well.

Just drop me a note at and I’ll be happy to send you contact information for these mortgage brokers. This is one hurdle you can clear before you ever leave your current city.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future…

P.S. If you’re waiting to begin your home search until you arrive in San Diego, you may need a storage facility. Let me know and I’ll send you a list.

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