Curb Appeal - More Important than you think

Posted by on Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at 11:07am.

What your prospective buyers see when they drive up in front of your house can actually determine what they will see when they get inside.

That may sound strange, but we humans are strange. There's no getting away from it. Our brains pick out what we're expecting to see and often ignore that which we don't expect.

Thus, when a buyer arrives in front of your house and sees the lawn neatly mowed, the flower beds weeded and sporting fresh mulch, and the front door freshly painted, he expects to see "clean, attractive, and well-maintained" when he gets inside. His initial impression of "This is nice" will carry through and he'll automatically pick out all the "nice" features inside.

On the other hand, if the gate is hanging by one hinge, the fence needs paint, or the light fixture at the front door is full of bugs, he will expect to see - and will see - the same lack of care and maintenance inside. It won't matter if the interior is freshly painted - he'll be looking for that leaky faucet or a closet door that doesn't shut correctly. The things he'll see will reinforce his initial impression that the house has not been well maintained.

Since you live there, you may not even "see" some of the little details that can turn buyers away. So try to step away and pretend you're looking at your home through the eyes of a stranger. Look at every part of your yard and the exterior of your house and garage. Are there small maintenance projects you've put off? Is the front door dirty? Is the window or door trim beginning to peel? Are the flower beds full of weeds? Is the driveway stained with grease?

Before you list the house again, take care of those items. Then call me. I spend a lot of time listening to buyers' comments and can point out things they'll notice that you might not.

Today's market is tough and competition for buyers is fierce. Make sure that when they drive up in front of your house their first impression is "Wow!"

Yours for successful selling,

P.S. People love space, so in my next message we'll talk about de-cluttering for maximum effect.

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