Top 5 Tips to get your Home Ready for the HOT Real Estate Market

Posted by on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 at 2:41am.

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

-Charles D. Warner

Not so with the Real Estate Market!                           

Southern California Utilities is calling for Energy Conservation!  It may be cold outside, but the Oceanside and surrounding real estate market is hot.  I am hearing from many locals that they are getting their home ready for Spring to get their home SOLD.   Local home prices have shown 15 month year over- price increases, homes in Oceanside and surrounding areas are selling quickly.  Now is a great time to get your home ready to shine! Here are my Top 5 Tips:

  1. Curb Appeal- First impression is everything.  Well-manicured bushes, trees trimmed, and fresh flowers make for an attractive home.  Exterior paint of the home and polishing or replacing your front door is recommended if possible.  I love a beautiful front door, so much personality!
  2. Entry Way- You may or may not believe in Fung Shui for your home, in any case, the entry way of the home is important.  It’s a welcoming statement to the buyer and creates the mood immediately.  Side table with flowers, live tall plants, & nice scents are all nice touches.
  3. Kitchen & Clutter- Remember…Less is More.  Today’s buyers want space and open floor plans. It’s important to remove all excess belongings prior to putting the home on the market, in other words Get Rid of the Clutter.   Also, remove most personal photos, buyer’s need to picture themselves in your home.  Hiring a stager is highly recommended for this step.  Many stagers are happy to provide a list prior to a staging package, so you can budget the necessities for improvements and storage.
  4. Move-In Ready- Turn-key, which means buyers will have to do very little if anything to move in.  In many markets, sellers are competing with new home construction and will want the home to beat the competition.  New paint & carpet is a sure way to give your home that new feeling that buyer’s will love.  Turn-key!
  5. Feeling- Does your home have a good feeling? A survey says that over a quarter of buyers, both men and women,  make a decision whether to buy the home based on the ‘feeling’ they get in the home, even more so than square footage, bedrooms, lot size, etc. The survey also mentions the over 60% of buyers do not need a 2nd visit to know the home is right for them.  First Impression is everything and ‘feeling’ is important
    Price is Right- My commemorative to Bob Barker for his 90th Birthday! Okay, I know, it’s ‘Price it Right’!  Home prices change like the weather, different pricing in different areas. Market conditions are local, absorption rates are key, know your competition, and develop the right strategy for your local market. Consulting a local Realtor expert is highly recommended.

Getting your home ready for sale can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Hiring a Realtor can help you tackle these steps efficiently.  Realtors help give you the buyer’s impression and can assist you with local vendors to get things going. Whether you are relocating, downsizing (See California Prop 60 & 90), or completing a 1031 exchange these are sure tips to take the Cold season to get ready for the Hot real estate market!   

Liz Saldana is a Realtor with Andrew Arroyo Real Estate and is an expert in North County Real Estate.  Keep up with Liz on Facebook and email her at to subscribe to her newsletter. She can also be reached at 760-450-7119.

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