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San Miguel Ranch boasts a wide variety of homes. There are also hiking trails, baseball parks, great elementary and middle schools with highly sought Eastlake high school in the area.  Several community pools and homes that show pride of ownership.  Located about 18 miles southeast of downtown San Diego. Getting to downtown and all beach areas is about a half an hour away.  Learn more about this great community by asking me.

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Marketing your home, finding the buyer, and negotiating a satisfying price and terms are the preliminary tasks before getting down to the real work of putting a SOLD sign in your front yard.

Unless we've located a rare cash buyer who wants to close without inspections or an appraisal, the next steps will determine the outcome. Unfortunately, this is where inexperienced or unprofessional real estate agents drop the ball. They wrongly assume that the buyer's agent, lender, and title company will attend to the details.

One of the first hurdles comes with the inspection. As your agent, I will have advised you to set a limit on repairs in the purchase and sale agreement. But sometimes inspectors find something unexpected and buyers want it fixed, even

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Marketing: If no one sees your home, no one can purchase!

Inadequate marketing may well be the reason why your home didn't sell.

The days when an agent could simply put your basic information into a Multiple Listing Service, put a sign in the yard, and wait for a buyer are gone. So are the days when it was "good enough" to place a little ad in a homes magazine or the local newspaper.

Unfortunately, our industry is still filled with what I call "List it and forget it" agents. They simply list as many homes as possible, then hope that some other agent will come along and sell them. You may have accidentally listed with an agent who told a good story, but didn't follow it with action.

Those of us who are actually selling homes today are doing

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What to Consider Before Buying
an Investment Property in San Diego

The housing market in San Diego is rebounding and interest rates are still low, meaning an investment property might make a lot of sense for you. Before you move forward with purchasing an investment property, take note of these considerations.

real estate investments san diego  4 Units Sold in Pacific Beach

Rental Property

If your property doesn’t generate rental income, you are counting on it increasing in value at a rate higher than inflation. Look at the market that you’re considering and if historically that holds true for homes in the area.

Time Shares

Time shares aren’t generally thought of as an investment, since re-sale can be difficult and — at times — at a lower price.

Real Estate

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Largest Plan 1E - Immaculate 1 bedroom / 1 bath end-unit. Private unit with over 1,000 square feet of living space! Crown molding, granite counter tops / stainless steel appliances, private storage and full size in-unit laundry! Super clean unit. Desirable south facing unit – away from freeway noise. The Mills is well maintained with easy access to the 5, 94, downtown, Gas Lamp, Little Italy, and Balboa Park. Complex features workout facilities and historic building common area ideal for meetings and entertainment.

Unit 301 | RESIDENCE FEATURES | Offered at $365,000

  • 9 feet ceiling
  • Granite countertops
  • European Style Cabinetry
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Dual glaze glass windows
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Real estate and automobiles are two items that Americans like to bargain over, even while we pay the asking price for almost everything else. Some people feel that if they don't get some kind of price reduction or concession from the seller, they've been cheated.

With that in mind, your listing price should include a small margin for negotiation. But it must be small. If you list high and expect to negotiate a drastically lower price, you'll miss the buyers in your correct price range and the buyers in the incorrect price range won't be interested enough to bargain.

That said, the first step in successful negotiations is to price the house correctly in the beginning. This, combined with the knowledge that I'll let you know if market conditions

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People who don’t work in real estate are always amazed to learn that finding the buyer isn’t the biggest challenge in real estate. The biggest challenge is in getting the transaction from the offer stage all the way to closing.

This is true with single family homes, and true with multi-family and other commercial property.

Inspections can cause problems, as can appraisals. And with investment properties, the financial information can play a huge role in both issues. Unless your agent knows how to negotiate with buyers over those issues, your promising sale can wither and die.

Inspections: When the inspector finds a problem, you need to know first if it impacts the safety or longevity of the building. Then, because return on investment is the

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When you purchased your multifamily property, did you realize that some tenants were going to cost you more than they were worth? Did you envision the calls at midnight telling you the faucet leaks or the oven won't turn on? Did you factor in the time and money that would be lost when dealing with evictions?

Unless you knew what to expect, those incidents may have come as a nasty surprise. And by now, you may be tired of dealing with them.

If so, I have investor buyers who will be glad to let you shift the burden to them.

Because interest rates are down and occupancy rates are up – while banks are paying low interest on deposits – investors are looking for properties just like yours.

So if you're tired of the hassle, call me. I'll be glad to

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Whether your family will be arriving in San Diego with you right away, or coming along later, you’ll want to choose a home with them in mind.

When you take advantage of my offer to help speed your home search, I’ll be happy to provide you with a list of our school districts and point you to information about each.

Then, with each home that fits the rest of your “needs and wishes” list, I’ll include the current school district information.

Choosing a home is a huge decision – and you don’t have much time to make it. Count on me to help you narrow the choices, so you don’t waste time looking at homes that just won’t do.

Call me at 858-342-9292 or drop me a note at and we’ll set a time to go over your housing requirements. Then I’ll

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As exciting as it is for you to be coming to San Diego to start your new job, the move does come with some hurdles to clear.

Along with arranging to move your worldly possessions, you’ll need a place to live. I’ve already offered to help you narrow the choices down to homes that will suit you and your lifestyle, and I hope you’ll take me up on that offer.

Having a “short list” of good homes to choose from is far less frustrating or time consuming than visiting dozens of homes that just won’t do.

But there’s a second part to the home search. Unless you have cash, you’ll need financing. And for some mortgage brokers, financing a home for a recently relocated employee is a problem. They can’t quite understand that when a company decides to relocate

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