Buyers like space - de-clutter before you list

Posted by on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 11:41am.

Most of us love space - space to stash all our treasures and space to move around in freely. Unfortunately, we also love "stuff," and most of us collect far too much of it.

The result often is a home that's cluttered and appears to be much smaller than it is. There's that extra chair in the living room that should have been moved out when you got the new recliner, the set of dinnerware that you haven't used since you got the new ones, and the exercise machine that serves as a clothes rack in the bedroom. You can probably name an item or two right now that's merely taking up space in your home.

Most of us have at least one or two items in every room that we don't use and probably won't ever use. And most of us have clothes and shoes in our closets that haven't been worn in at least a couple of years.

NOW is the time to clear it out. If you have plenty of "good stuff" for a yard sale, set a date and get moving. When the sale is over, if anything is left, donate it to a thrift shop that supports a cause you believe in. Remember to ask your family members if they'd like to have any of those items before you offer them for sale.

Some of your "keep forever" treasures also add clutter, and you'll need to pack them when the house is sold, so do it now. This includes your collections, which tend to distract buyers and prevent them from looking at the house.  Unless the garage is very large and you can stack boxes without crowding your car, rent a storage unit.

Items such as the "extra" sheets and towels that have your linen closets bursting at the seams can go into packing boxes as well.

Your off-season clothing can also be packed. If it's summertime, don't clog up the closets with winter coats and boots! The same goes for toys - if winter is months away, put the snow skis in storage, and if it's winter, move the lawn furniture to the storage unit. Remember, you need to de-clutter the garage as well as the house.

Now, re-arrange your belongings to give a feeling of airy spaciousness. Make it easy to move through the house. Leave a few empty spaces on shelves and in closets. Create the feeling that you have more than enough space.

Whenever you're ready, I'll be glad to prepare an up-to-date market analysis to show you the true value of your home on today's market. Remember, I'm as close as your phone or email.

Yours for successful selling.

P.S. Next time we'll talk more about presenting your home for sale - the little, often overlooked details that can turn a buyer away.

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