Buyers are coming in a half hour – what to do?

Posted by on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 5:19am.

You just got the call – an agent will be arriving with buyers in a half hour and you need to get ready and get gone!

What do you need to do before you leave?

That, of course, depends upon what you’ve been doing. If you’ve just finished cooking dinner, you need to stash the dirty dishes and remove the cooking aromas.

You can light a candle and let it burn for a few minutes, and/or you can boil a bit of vinegar and water on the stove to remove the odors. Check for other aromas as well – do you need to take out the trash, empty the cat’s litter box, or do something with a diaper pail?

Avoid using air fresheners to cover up – some people are allergic to perfumes and won’t come in. Others will wonder what you’re covering up!

Hopefully, you and your housemates have been working overtime to keep things neat and tidy, but do make a run through the bedrooms and bathrooms. Toss wet towels and stray clothing in the hamper and hang color coordinated towels. Rinse out the sink, and check to make sure the toilets are flushed and their lids are closed.

Turn on lights, and if it’s daytime, open blinds and drapes. Gather the newspapers and mail that arrived today and stash them, and check to see that no one has left cash laying on the counter.

Planning ahead can go a long way toward relieving stress at this time. If everyone in the household has a specific job to do before a showing, you can be ready within minutes!

Then, gather up everyone – including your pets – and go for a drive or a walk. Most showings won’t last more than a half hour, but if you come back and find the agent and the buyers still there, that’s a good sign. They might be sitting at your table writing an offer, so don’t go in!

Finally, think positive thoughts. This buyer just might be the one who falls in love and makes an offer!

Be prepared for good thing.

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