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Naturally, everyone selling a home wants to realize the highest dollar possible from the sale. What that dollar might be will depend on its size, location, amenities, and the condition of the home when it comes on the market.

All other things being equal, homes that command "Top Dollar" stand out in that they have been well- maintained and updated periodically to keep up with the trends.

Your home is most likely to command top dollar if:

  • The heating and cooling systems have been serviced regularly. If the unit is more than 15 years old, it might require replacement.
  • The water heater is in good condition. Units more than 10 years old should be replaced.
  • The roof and flashings have been inspected and tuned up every 5 years to be sure there
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All those little imperfections that you’ve learned to live with can be a real turn-off for potential buyers, so now is the time to deal with them.

A squeaky hinge, a loose cabinet door, a dripping faucet, a cracked switch plate – all those things can jump out at your buyers and give them the impression that maybe this house hasn’t had regular maintenance. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been taking care of the big things, because they’ll notice the small things.

So before you move on to the polish and shine phase of getting ready, go through the house and repair all those little imperfections.

While you’re at it, replace any burned out light bulbs. Yes, the buyers will know that bulbs burn out and they’ll need to buy their own. But you’re goal is

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When California passed SB 458, it was good news for homeowners facing foreclosure. The bank could no longer sue for a deficiency and leave them saddled with a crippling debt.

That means a Short Sale listing agent no longer needs skill in negotiating away a deficiency. Sounds good, right? It is, but the truth is, the need for negotiating skill simply shifted from the deficiency to the price.

Instead of demanding a deficiency payment, asset managers can now simply refuse to allow the sale if they don’t get the dollars they want.

Homeowners still need a strong agent who will help them price the house to sell, market it well to attract a buyer, AND negotiate skillfully with the asset manager.

Foreclosure is not a good option. So call me today.

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Are you considering the sale of your multifamily housing units? If so, now is the prime time. 

Investors are seeing opportunity in today's market conditions, and they want to move quickly. Because they know interest rates could suddenly jump, they want to acquire more properties while they can still lock into low monthly payments. 

On the other hand, investors with cash are eager to put it to work where it will earn more than they can get from a bank. While investors are willing to pay a premium for properties in prime condition, they aren't afraid to invest in distressed properties. 

So, whether your property is in top shape or in need of renovation, there are investors out there for your property- the hard part is finding them. That's where I

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When you’re behind on your mortgage payments and the collectors keep calling, the bank does feel like your worst enemy.

Bug ignoring them is the worst thing you could do.

Doing nothing means they’ll foreclose – and your credit will be impaired for ten long years.

Don’t let that happen!

Call me instead. If you want to keep your home, I’ll introduce you to the many government sponsored programs available here in California.

If you want out, I’ll help you short sell – so you can rebuild your credit and be eligible to purchase another home in as little as 2 years. 

Either way, I’ll help you avoid the nightmare of foreclosure. 

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Getting Ready to Sell – Staging

You’ve settled on the right listing price for today’s market. You’ve de-cluttered, fixed-up, painted-up, cleaned up and depersonalized. Now there’s just one more step to take before you’re ready to invite the first buyers.

That final step is one that many sellers skip in an effort to save money. But it can make a difference in how fast your home sells – and in the prices that buyers offer. That final step is staging.

An experienced stager can help you add the finishing touches that bring out your home’s most attractive features, while down-playing some that might not be so attractive.

Stagers know how to use color and furniture placement to make a home feel more inviting – and more spacious. For instance, they

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If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, or if you think you soon will be, you may think you’re out of options. You may even think you have no choice but to let your home go into foreclosure. But that isn’t so. 

Here in California, we have several government-sponsored programs to help you stay in your home. And of course, keeping your home or selling on your own terms is far more beneficial to your future than letting the bank foreclose. 

I’ll be happy to explain all the options available to you – and help you avoid the devastating effects of a foreclosure. 

Call me today at 858-324-9292. I’m here to help!

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You’ve done the work, you’ve listed your home, you’ve got it “show ready,” and now you’ve gotten a call that tells you buyers are coming to look.

What should you do? Get out of the house!

Hopefully, the caller has given you a little time to do a last minute check to see that all is in order.

Now it’s time to grab the kids and the dog and get gone until they’ve had time to have a good look around. Go out for ice cream – or do the weekly grocery shopping – or go visit a friend. 

If you come back and find they’re still there, that’s a good sign. So don’t interrupt or hurry them. Instead, park down the street and wait until they leave before returning to the house.


Because it’s in your best interests to be gone. First, buyers are

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Why Would a Real Estate Agent Help You Keep Your House?

If my offers to show you how you can keep your home seem strange to you, I understand. After all, I earn my living selling homes, not helping people keep them. But I do have selfish reasons for wanting to help you.

First, I believe in home ownership. I think it’s good for the community and for the economy if people keep their homes until they’re ready to move on.

Next, foreclosures hurt property values. Every vacant house brings down the value of every other home in its neighborhood. That’s not good for any of us.

And finally, I want to be the agent you turn to when the day comes that you sell of your own free will. And, I want you to remember me and mention my name when friends and

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If you are getting ready to sell your home, you’ve already packed your collections, now continue to pack the other things that “personalize” your home. Get some good boxes and wrapping paper, and put your treasures away, ready to grace your next home.

There are a few reasons for this.

The first, of course, is so that your potential buyers will be able to visualize themselves living in the house. You don’t want them to feel like they’re intruders in your very personal space.

Next is that personal items draw attention, and you want their attention focused on the house, not you. You may be very proud of your trophies and awards, but they won’t help sell the house. You may also love to display photos of your loved ones, but when your potential buyers

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