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As we talk with buyers and sellers a common question keep coming up during our discussions, "Has the market in San Diego changed?"  We have seen an increase in inventory and buyers have become more patient.  A look at the current financial landscape gives some perspective as to what has been happening in the market.  
In June a widely celebrated news release reported that all 8.7 million jobs lost in the great recession have been recovered.  Of course that is great news. However the average income of those jobs is still 23% less than before the Great Recession.  Additionally with population growth we are still nearly 7 million jobs short of where we need to be.  

Middle class residents are leaving San Diego County at an increasing pace simply because…
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When you receive an offer on your house, there’s far more to consider than just the price. An offer that looks wonderful at first glance may not be a good one, while a so-so offer might be very good. Here’s why:

Some buyers will ask you to contribute money toward their closing costs or toward a purchase they wish to make – like new carpeting or a major appliance. Others will not ask you to pay any of their costs, or to purchase anything.

Some will need a mortgage loan and have a bare minimum to use as a down payment. Others will have a large down payment, and still others will be buying with all cash.

Some will offer contingent upon selling a home that they own. This might be fine, if their sale is close to closing. If it isn’t even on the market

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My name is Shanne Sleder and I am a Mortgage Banker from San Diego, California and the author of  I would like to say hello to the visitors of

One of the great agents at Andrew Arroyo Real Estate, Nicole Mazzola, recently contributed to one of my all-time most popular posts on Home Buying Tips.  Since that post was so well received, Nicole was kind enough to allow me to share some more detailed home buying tips.  Without further adieu, let’s get to the tips!

Whether you are an experienced home buyer or a first time home buyer, the process can be one filled with stress and anxiety.  Especially now that lending guidelines are tighter.  I have put together 7 tips that can be extremely beneficial to

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So, you’ve decided to buy your first home – or you’ve almost decided. First you need to meet with a lender and see what you will qualify for. This prospect can seem a little scary if you’ve never done it before. But if you go into the meeting well prepared, it will be much easier than you think.

So, how do you prepare to meet with your home lender?

Begin by gathering paperwork. You’ll need your pay stubs from the last couple of months, proof of any other income you receive, and your last two year’s Income Tax Reports.

Then you’ll need a list of your ongoing obligations. Include everything – your school loans, credit cards, car loans, accounts you might have with local businesses, and child support or alimony payments.

Take along your last 2

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Once you have accepted an offer on your home, there are still a few hoops to jump through.

If you are selling on a short sale, the next step is your lender’s approval. As your agent, I’ll help you with the letter you need to send and will prepare a package showing the lender market values, etc. to verify that the offer is worth accepting. Then I’ll follow up and negotiate with the lender to get approval as quickly as possible.

If you’re selling with equity in your home, the next step is inspections and the removal of any other buyer contingencies. Then, unless we need to re-negotiate after the inspection, the next step will be the appraisal.

During the offer stage you will have agreed to a set amount that you’ll contribute toward any repairs

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Once you’ve got the home on the market, your life is going to change.

There’s an old saying: “You don’t sell a house the same way you live in a house,” and it is very true.

From now until you have a solid purchase contract, you’re going to have to think about the fact that buyers could be wanting to see your house at almost any time – and you may not be available to tidy up when you learn that they’re on the way.

You could restrict your showing hours – but that will also restrict your chances of a sale, so it’s not a good idea. It’s better to remain “Show ready” at all times.

To accomplish that, you should enlist cooperation from everyone in your household, and then start some new rituals. For instance:

  • Coats, shoes, and boots go in the
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You’re a friendly person – but when you’re selling your house it’s time to be a bit stand-offish.

If at all possible, you shouldn’t even meet the people who come to view your house –  even after they’ve submitted an offer. The same goes for the buyer’s agent, unless they come along with me to present an offer.

Why? Here are 4 Good Reasons:

  • Your answer to an innocent question can give them a negotiating edge.
  • You could “talk them out of the purchase.”
  • When taken by surprise, you could verbally agree to something that’s not in your best interests.
  • A personality conflict could kill your sale.

As your agent, one of my jobs is to protect your interests – and one of the ways I do that is by acting as an intermediary between you and

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Today’s message may not apply to you – but then again it might.

Often we have objects attached to our homes that have sentimental value – and we have no intention of leaving them behind.

This might include a chandelier that belonged to Grandma – or was a gift from a special person. It might be a handcrafted medicine cabinet that your Dad built, or a porch swing that your kids helped you construct one summer.

When you list the house you’ll specifically exclude those items from the sale. But sometimes that isn’t good enough.

Sometimes buyer agents don’t tell their clients everything they read in the MLS listing, and sometimes people just don’t listen. The result can be that a buyer “falls in love” with an object that you don’t want to leave with

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