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San Miguel Ranch boasts a wide variety of homes. There are also hiking trails, baseball parks, great elementary and middle schools with highly sought Eastlake high school in the area.  Several community pools and homes that show pride of ownership.  Located about 18 miles southeast of downtown San Diego. Getting to downtown and all beach areas is about a half an hour away.  Learn more about this great community by asking me.

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Price is a scary subject in today’s market. The overall economic conditions and the presence of foreclosed homes in the market have had drastic impact – unfortunately forcing prices down in many areas.

Thus, buyers are afraid of paying too much and ending up like so many homeowners who are “upside down” in their homes today. And with so many foreclosures hitting the market at low prices, home sellers have a lot of competition for buyers.

When a home first comes on the market, it gets a lot of attention. If it’s priced right, it will get showings. But if it’s overpriced, buyers’ agents will skip over it – and may not even notice if the price is reduced later.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to price a home right from the very start. As a

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You’re certainly not alone in pondering that question. Home sellers across the country have had their lives put on hold by the current market. While you can’t control the market—it is what it is—there ARE steps you can take to get your home sold in the timeframe you need. If you’re like many home sellers today, the last time you sold a home was in the previous seller’s market when the demand for homes was greater than the supply.

In such a fast-moving market, if you priced your home, say, two to three percent above market value, you had the luxury of rapid appreciation in your home’s value to cover what would be a pricing mistake in today’s buyer’s market. This meant that within 90 days or so, your home’s market value increased enough to make your

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Believe me, I understand. But take heart. It's a new day and a new beginning ...

A lot can be done to get your home sale back on track to closing. And because it's never fun to sit and wait when you're ready to move on, I'm here to say ... "Let's get your home sale moving!"

But first, take a moment and think back to the day you were the homebuyer. Remember the excitement you felt when you first saw your house? That same thrill can happen today for others. And marketing your home to them is not rocket science, so I won't insult you by making it sound more complicated than it is. Just know there ARE buyers out there who will find your home the perfect fit.

But how do those buyers find you? 

As your REALTOR®, I take new photographs and write a

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Marketing your home, finding the buyer, and negotiating a satisfying price and terms are the preliminary tasks before getting down to the real work of putting a SOLD sign in your front yard.

Unless we've located a rare cash buyer who wants to close without inspections or an appraisal, the next steps will determine the outcome. Unfortunately, this is where inexperienced or unprofessional real estate agents drop the ball. They wrongly assume that the buyer's agent, lender, and title company will attend to the details.

One of the first hurdles comes with the inspection. As your agent, I will have advised you to set a limit on repairs in the purchase and sale agreement. But sometimes inspectors find something unexpected and buyers want it fixed, even

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Ever wonder why a purchase and sale offer has so many pages?

It’s for the same reason as my cautions not to respond to a verbal offer: Because there is far more to consider than price alone.

I can send you a blank copy of a purchase and sale offer, so you can read it and become familiar with the many issues covered. When an offer arrives, you and I will go over each item line by line, and I’ll explain how each of the buyer’s entries will affect you.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief over-view of some of the important points:

Two of the most important issues are the kind of financing the buyers will use and the down payment they’re offering. These are important in determining whether you want to make your house unavailable to other buyers while this

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You may not give much thought to how other agents in your marketplace view the agent you hire, but it does make a difference - in fact, it makes a big difference.

If your agent has a reputation for being difficult to deal with, or if his or her listings are consistently overpriced, other agents will pass them by, no matter how enticing the ads are. They may come back later to view your home, but only after all other possibilities are exhausted.

One reason why I sell more homes is that other agents trust me. They know that when I prepare a market analysis for my sellers, it will be accurate and current. They know that I won't take an overpriced listing, just to have in my files.

They also know that the information in MLS will be truthful. Thus,

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Marketing: If no one sees your home, no one can purchase!

Inadequate marketing may well be the reason why your home didn't sell.

The days when an agent could simply put your basic information into a Multiple Listing Service, put a sign in the yard, and wait for a buyer are gone. So are the days when it was "good enough" to place a little ad in a homes magazine or the local newspaper.

Unfortunately, our industry is still filled with what I call "List it and forget it" agents. They simply list as many homes as possible, then hope that some other agent will come along and sell them. You may have accidentally listed with an agent who told a good story, but didn't follow it with action.

Those of us who are actually selling homes today are doing

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Now that your home is de-cluttered and sparkling clean from top to bottom, its time to add the final touch: staging.  If you have interior decorating skills, you will have already done this yourself, but most of us simply aren't that artistic and we need a little help.

Staging is the art of placing the items in your home for their most appealing effect. It can mean adding a vase of flowers here or a bright throw rug there. Stagers often place mirrors in strategic spots to make a space appear larger or brighter, and re-arrange furniture for the same reason.

A good stager will advise you about items you should remove while the house is for sale - such as family photos, trophies, collections, and anything that announces your political or religious

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No matter how well your agent markets your home, and no matter how many buyers see it, their desire to own it will come down to Presentation. That's your job - and it consists of four parts.

  • Getting the home ready
  • Doing last-minute prep when buyers are coming
  • Making the home available at almost all times
  • Getting yourself and your pets out of the house for showings

Presentation is more important in today's market than it has ever been before. Your competition is fierce, and small things can cause a buyer to think that a house has not had proper maintenance and upkeep.

A dripping faucet or a cracked window pane can make buyers believe that there are other more serious problems that they just can't see. And of course, things like

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