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Lynda Blake-Harris moved to San Diego several years ago and now can’t imagine living anywhere else. Running, hiking, road & mountain biking and the gym are all part of her active lifestyle, she’s constantly out and about in San Diego - it’s a great way to stay up and informed on the region.
Lynda works hard at making the selling/ buying process as stress-free as possible. Her priority is to listen intently and really understand client’s preferences, concerns and questions. With a clear picture, she develops a specific, successful plan. Her customers range from first-time buyers to seasoned sellers.
Lynda has worked in real estate for over eight years. She loves working with first-time buyers, down-sizing sellers as well as clients new to the area. She’s keen on the importance of tough negotiating and treats every deal as it were here own money at risk. Clients considering listing with Lynda can expect professional Staging, a detailed marketing plan and follow-up with every viewing. Prospective buyers receive the care and attention required to find the perfect home, sometimes this takes a significant investment of time - and Lynda’s ready to go the distance!
Lynda began her R.E. career while her children were in college. Driving her desire to become an Agent were several difficult Real Estate transactions in California and other and other states she experienced as a client. The lack of transparency and poor listening skills on behalf of her Agents were at the root of all the problems. She knew she could make a difference and contribute to the industry by becoming a Standout Agent, establishing healthy, productive relationships with her clients.
Prior to Real Estate, Lynda worked in an orthodontic practice as a Treatment Coordinator, managing patients throughout their entire process. Patients ranged from small children to the elderly, making for incredibly rewarding work. Lynda attended graduate school for a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology in Indiana. While in school, she worked in sales at JC Penny, becoming a merchandise manager. She opened the North County Fair Women’s Division several years later.
Common to all of Lynda’s professional endeavors is her love of people. She has consistently chosen professions allowing her to help others. She has learned to be analytical, insightful, and intuitive. Many have said they feel truly seen and heard in her presence, and her energetic spirit sets them at ease.
Lynda has received awards for her volunteer work at Monarch School, serving the forgotten homeless children of San Diego - with outstanding results. She’s lived and loved East County for thirty years and is appreciative of the growing business and restaurant presence in La Mesa and the energetic community that surrounds her.
Lynda has also volunteered her time at Clairemont High School in the business academy mentoring one to three girls per year for the past three years, and she currently hosts a small Thursday night group in her home.
In her spare time, Lynda works out with a trainer, mountain bikes and hikes, and cooks for her family and friends. She also enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren.

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