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Lester moved from Jamaica to Temecula, California eight years ago. There he discovered a neighborhood of strong community. Nearly two years ago, he discovered the joy of selling real estate.
Lester loves working with buyers apprehensive about short sale or foreclosure homes. He knows how to guide them through the loan approval process and takes them hunting for their dream homes. He is experienced with documentation and negotiating with other agents to advocate for his clients’ best interests. He enjoys the adrenaline rush of finding the perfect home and the challenge of proving himself. He draws a sense of satisfaction from changing his client’s lives for the better.
Lester is most comfortable working with buyers, but he also enjoys working with sellers. Whether his clients are first-time home buyers or experienced in the real estate world, he knows how to provide exactly what they need. He is experienced with transforming short sale and foreclosure homes into high-yielding investments. He is also experienced with permanent foundation mobile homes and condominiums.
Lester was first attracted to real estate for the prospect of being his own boss and gaining financial freedom outside the traditional nine to five position. He dedicates his time to his clients and gains success with each new person that he helps. He believes that the work he does changes lives and brings his clients a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
Prior to entering the real estate business, Lester worked as a personal trainer. He holds two Associate Degrees in Physical Education and Network System Administration. His previous work as a personal trainer benefited him by improving his communication skills and helping him to relate to clients to discern their individual needs. His experience with finances gives his clients the best estimates for their purchase or selling prices.
Lester takes pride in the fact that the families in his community are heavily involved in the education system and communicate well with one another. He feels fortunate that he found such a strong sense of family and community among his neighbors. In his spare time, Lester enjoys golfing, playing basketball, working out, and taking his children to the park. He also goes to wine tastings and the movies.
Lester believes that he found a part of him that was missing when he became a real estate agent. The profession requires dedication, determination, perseverance, patience, and most of all, passion. He is a people person and works closely with clients to help them create lifetime memories. He believes it is always possible to yield positive results even in the most tedious or challenging of transactions. Lester has always found joy in his home, and now he takes pride in bringing that joy to other people.

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