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Our Culture - Positive, Uplifting & Effective

AARE has cultivated a talented, hardworking team that is focused on delivering results for its clients. A unique aspect of AARE’s approach to real estate success is centered on procedures aimed at eliminating the stress of moving for its residential clients and increasing cash flow for its commercial clients. For real estate clients purchasing a property, these procedures are designed to ensure that the transfer or acquisition of a property is as painless and hassle-free as possible. For clients interested in selling or leasing property, AARE directs the team’s energy into creating exceptional external presentation of the property, uniquely tailored for each listing and aimed at maximizing the final price the property sells or leases for. The listing team also adheres to an intensive and ongoing follow-up program.  With clear and constant agent-client contact forming the basis for this approach, this follow-up program is consistently well-regarded by clients.  


AARE Licenses and Memberships

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"I have been with AARE for my entire career and have been privileged to grow with a company that values others more than its bottom line. I advocate for my clients' needs above all else and am absolutely devoted to providing the highest level of customer service for all my clients. I am proud to be aligned with a company with the same ethical standards I have." Read More...

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AARE Only Hires Experienced, Honest & Trustworthy Realtors

Agents who are invited to join our team must show a track record of sales closed, but more importantly must meet the company's standards for ethics and morality, must possess giving, sharing personalities and must be eager to learn and grow. Part of the culture at AARE is that team members share their expertise while helping and supporting each other in the quest for excellence in client care. All of our agents are experienced, many having successfully closed over 100 transactions. All are knowledgeable and skilled in handling the myriad of tasks that top agents perform for their clients. All come highly recommended by their past clients.



But that's not the most important requirement. What's most important is that each of our agents has shown by word and deed that they work under the highest moral and ethical standards, and that they possess giving, sharing hearts. Because of our hiring standards, our clients can feel secure in knowing that anything and everything our agents do with regard to their listing or their property purchase is done with their best interests at heart. We invite you to watch our videos and learn more about our experienced, honest and trustworthy Realtors who have been hand selected from over 300,000 agents in California. 

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Our History - A Story of Growth & Success

Andrew Arroyo

AARE was founded by Andrew Arroyo. Arroyo started his career as a real estate appraiser's assistant in 1996. By 1999, Arroyo held a real estate sales license and a real estate appraisal license and started making the transition from appraisals to sales. Since we opened our doors as a one-agent company back in 2004, we've been through the boom times and the "bust times," and we've just kept right on growing. Now, in 2020, we have 150+ members (agents, brokers and staff members) to help us keep everything running smoothly. With 14 years of history as a Company and a successful track record of over 2,000 residential and commercial sales (totaling over $1 billion in volume), AARE is passionate about their mission of ultimately revamping how “traditional” real estate transactions are handled from start-to-finish in a way that is more beneficial for its clients. This is a message of thanks – to God for His unwavering support and guidance, and to all the clients, sales associates, and various service providers who have assisted in making AARE a success. 


We Are Relationship Driven Focused on Client Satisfaction

We Only Hire the Best

Because of our hiring standards, our clients can feel secure in knowing that anything and everything our agents do with regard to their listing or their purchase is done with their best interests at heart.

Client Satisfaction

Our talented team members are thoroughly trained and then appointed to each client based on their talent, knowledge and capability to serve that specific client and their respective needs. 

Your Sale Benefits Others

Giving and sharing are more than buzzwords at AARE. 19% of the company's profit on every transaction goes to the company's foundation with a goal of 20% by 2020.

Our principles

Vision, Mission & Ethics

  • Our vision is to grow a residential and commercial real estate agency statewide based on moral, ethical and biblical principles.
  • Our mission is to value our clients, agents and employees by developing a culture where giving and serving other’s needs before our own is our priority.
  • To build our business, we must earn our positions daily by excelling in every way. Problems are learning experiences and should be received calmly and confidently.
  • If we count our blessings daily, we'll be reminded of the gift of life.
  • Success is the result of clear and cooperative positive thinking. 
  • Our Creator has given us the ability to succeed. We will honor Him by succeeding honestly and accepting our daily successes humbly, knowing that a higher power has guided us to success.
  • Free-enterprise strengthens our country.
  • Our goal is to provide superior service for our clients, community, and colleagues. Loyalty adds consistency to our lives. 
  • AARE agents are required to follow the Code of ethics

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